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The perfect VoIP and UC solution for your school

The expanding enrollment of schools has led most institutions to establish a more complete data network with their own educational networks. In this excellent environment, the ministry can use existing resources for exploring VoIP and unifying communications systems so as increase efficiency in both production capacity but also improve communication quality across departments within each school

The most suitable ip pbx solution

The Hope-iker PBX System is a simple and seamless way to migrate from older phone systems. With features like mobile softphone, advanced conferencing capabilities, robust remote location connectivity and other VoIP and UC features that boost school communications. not just for teachers but also students in need of extra help on their phones–the school will be able provide better communication between faculty members or classmates with ease!

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education ip pbx
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Programme Departmentsh

The IPPBX 8000 is deployed in the university’s headquarters room and connected to the campus network.

  • External line access to IP PBX 8000 or access to voice gateway, voice network connection to network interfacing with IPPBX. 
  • Internal lines IP video phones and office desktops IP phones, connected to the network registered as IPPBX extensions
  • Deployment of IPPBX in the field branch office and interfacing with the IPPBX at the school headquarters
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Solution features

With IP PBX solutions, you can make your business more efficient and cost-effective with its many features.

All-in-one VoIP Phone System

IP PBX system that can be used for both cloud-based or on-premise all-in- one system. and easily integrate with your existing infrastructure to faciit litate a slow rollout saving both time & money.

Paging Announcement

Dial the overhead speakers or IP phones in the classroom or other public areas to make voice announcements and broadcast emergency alerts.

Scheduled Paging/Intercom

In the event of an emergency, Dial the overhead speakers or call IP phone in the classroom or other publice areas to broadcast voice message and alarm.


With the integration of SIP cameras, door phones and other surveillance products into IP PBX systems you can now protect your school with voice and surveillance as well.

Instant Communications

Teachers, school staff and students can call each other's numbers for instant communication from anywhere on mobile devices and desktop IP phones


Access to the operator's NGN/IMS voice network via SIP trunking, or to the operator's PSTN telephony network via E1.


We Undertand Your Needs

  • Connect the existing education network and PSTN network, make full use of bandwidth resource, and extend the VoIP phone system.
  • Avoid the problem of aging phone lines and rewiring around school district(s).
  • Integrate the resource of multi-campus voice and saving money on call costs
  • Build an Emergency broadcast and alert system for a safer school environment.
  • Easy system capacity expansion to adapt to school development.

Benefits for Your Customers

  • hope-iker’s VoIP solution for schools retains the existing telephone system and integrates the education network with the PSTN network to improve resource utilisation 
  • With the school’s extensions, you can make free calls to any other student or instructor no matter where they are located. And with all-inclusive advanced features like this available in just one easy-to use application
  • Thanks to the scalable design of the IP PBX, schools can expand their users and lines as and when they need to, without having to abandon their existing PBX
  • With the integration of PBX systems and IP Video monitoring, you can easily achieve complete control over SIP terminals by making simple calls through sip-call. The solution provides real time footage with voice communication integrated into one comprehensive package that saves businesses costly investments in additional technology
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Scenario applications

campus radio

Campus Radio

The sip paging solution for announcement and paging systems.

call center

School call center

In conjunction with the web-based call centre

kunming univsity


VoIP PBX Solution for University China Kunming

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