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About IP telephony

IP Phone take you Seamless business communications

Seamless communication helps an organization to easily communicate internally and with clients. 

Meet your needs and ensure your deployment is flexible, reliable, and secure. Providing customized telephone system solutions.

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Hopeiker VoIP phones give you the competitive edge

Your business needs a powerful phone system that can adapt to your changing environment. With our flexible and reliable solutions, you’re assured of peace of mind knowing we’ve got everything covered for the best possible outcome!

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VoIP phone system featured solutions

IP Telephony Supporting More Function

VoIP system Bulk SMS solutions

  • Sending bulk SMS on a Web page: easy to create and execute
  • For introducing special offers, managing customer relationships, etc., or for alerts and notifications
  • Easy to use, fast and reliable
  • Provides API to connect to external SMS clients

Integrated SMS
solution for IP-PBX

  • Cost-effective SMS delivery from GSM/WCDMA/4G LTE relays
  • Receive SMS notifications about PBX events and emergencies and act accordingly
  • Converts SMS to email and vice versa
  • Integrated SMS solution: lightweight and easy to use
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VOIP phone construction

How to build your own Internet phone system

The IP phone supports the following ways of configuring the phone:

Quickly configure the phone, through the phone LCD screen and the phone keyboard panel, you can configure and use the phone functions. After checking the IP address of the phone, you can also enter the IP address of the phone in the browser to view all the functions of the phone, and configure it through the browser. If there is no computer around, you can use your smartphone to scan the QR code provided by the phone for configuration. The details are as follows:

  • Phone interface configuration
  • Computer Web Configuration
  • Cell phone scanning web configuration
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How to register an IP phone extension

After connecting to Wi-Fi, use the browser to log in to the IP address of the device for example 192.168.100…, register the extension number steps:
1.Register the extension number to find Account(A)-“Register(r)
2. Select the registered extension line Account.
3. Select Enable Enabled account
4. Fill in the display extension number “User name”, register extension number “Register Account”, and register password“ Password”
5. Find “SIP Server 1”, fill in the “Server Host” registered host address, and registered the port number Port.

After filling in the confirmation click Confirm(s) and wait for the registration (5-6 seconds). Already registered successfully

SIP trunk configuration steps

SIP trunk configuration steps
Step 1: Configure WAN IP Address
Step 2: Add the SIP trunk, set the IP and port
Step 3: Register the SIP account from the server.
Step 4: Set outbound Route.
Step 5: Set inbound Route(DNIS).
Step 6: Set extension DID number and router group.

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