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IP Phone System for Bank / Financial Stock

The financial industry is unique, and its informatization closely revolves around the construction of factors such as security and reliability.


Demand for IP PBX in the financial sector

The demand for IP PBX in the financial sector is growing at a rapid rate. As more and more companies are moving to voice over internet Protocol (VoIP), there has been an increase of business organizations that want this type phone system with increased efficiency
and lower costs than traditional methods provide by using digital signal processing technology which allows them connect directly via broadband without relying on outdated analog networks connecting offices together across country borders

IP phone system features for the financial Industry


Our IP PBX8000 government-enterprise gateway to realize the integration of video surveillance, voice communication, financial service data and other services. The solution provides a reliable and safe redundant backup design. When the main link fails, it can be quickly switched to the 3G/4G backup line to complete the restoration of key services. When the main link is restored, it will automatically switch back. Ensure that financial services and data are not affected by the link and cause losses.

Financial stock IP PBX Solution



Support 100SIP (Expandable to 1300SIP)

Support for 128-1300 extension users


Supports up to 384 analog extensions



Supports up to 384 analog external lines



Supports up to 8 E1/T1

Digital trunking

Why rely on the IP PBX system

Multiple Branches

The advanced solution can support financial services providers with a single office and business with multiple branches spreading nationally.

Unified Communication

With Linkus UC Clients, all the features of desk phone can be realized by your mobile device and desktop. Linkus makes real-time business communication easy across multiple devices.

Enhanced Experience

With the powerful IVR feature, all incoming calls will be handled automatically and professionally. Meanwhile, distribute the calls among offices or remote workers.

financial service data

Provides a private network of financial services data to provide secure, reliable and scalable reference data for investment professionals worldwide

Anti-DDoS attacks

It is a multi-functional product that incorporates the functions of anti-DDoS attack, anti-ARP attack flooding.

Video surveillance

IP video surveillance system is a new technology of security monitoring by using Internet protocol, the main function of it is to transfer images and information.

IP phone system Programme deployment

Financial enterprises have many branch offices, and their headquarters and branches have different needs for telephone systems. To meet the different application scenarios of financial enterprises, Hope-iker provides flexible, efficient and reliable voice over IP communication solutions for the financial industry to help financial enterprises accelerate the comprehensive transformation from traditional to information technology.

Headquarters IP Phone systems

Financial companies have large headquarters, numerous departments and a high volume of daily calls, which place extremely high demands on the security and stability of the telephone system operation

eadquarters and branches 2

What We do

Cost-effective solution to connect PSTN and VoIP networks

Our VoIP PBX connects PSTN and VoIP networks to lower communication costs. Adopting advanced voice processing techniques, it provides quality voice calls for users. The embedded system makes management and maintenance easy with intuitive Web interface, ensuring carrier-grade operation and reliability. VoIP PBX exhibits strong compatibility, which will allow networking with various traditional PBX to preserve previous investment on traditional systems.

IP phone system for Portfolio

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