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What is an IoT phone (Internet of Things phone)

In simple terms, the IoT process is to upload the data obtained by the operator to the “cloud (network)”, and from the cloud network to the IoT phone.

IoT Phone Features

Wireless IoT is a narrowband RF technology developed for IoT technology that takes up a narrow bandwidth of approximately 180KHz and uses the License band, which allows it to coexist harmoniously with the network with the help of different modes and can be deployed directly on GSM, UMTS or LTE networks, i.e. 2/3/4G networks, enabling the reuse of existing networks and Reducing deployment costs and enabling smooth upgrades.
In the IoT, high speed wireless networks capable of transmitting huge amounts of data are inevitably essential to communicate with people without barriers. Wireless networks include not only global voice and data networks that allow users to establish wireless connections over long distances.

The SIP-680W/SIP-680L IP phone is a feature-rich, simple office handheld phone with high-definition sound quality, unique design, multi-language interchange, WIFI module/4G LTE module support, compatibility with many manufacturers’ service platforms such as IPPBX, cloud PBX, IMS core network, softswitch, etc. and a user-friendly interface to fully meet users’ communication and collaboration needs.

Mobile Office Solutions: Version with 4G-LTE module.There are no awkward workarounds. No interruptions. And no restrictions. The IoT phone takes you freely to work wherever you want.

Short-range WiFi IP technology : The version with WiFi module has wide coverage, many connections, low cost and low power consumption.

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How our wireless IP phone solutions benefit IT and operations?

Learn about the benefits of a comprehensive solution for enterprise IoT phone. Included are details on how to build, deploy, and maintain an always-on industrial IoT network that provides maximum uptime for mission critical applications.

What is phone solution opportunity?

IoT technology has been developed and applied over the years and is all over our production and life. When is Digital Voice over IP available?

PSTN services are no longer being sold. Deliver an alternative voice only service via the LTE network.

Offer the freedom to use a variety of different devices to make and receive calls.

Suspension of all services on the previously limited analogue line to the LTE network

Connect Wired and Wireless and PSTN Handsets to the BT EE Voice over LTE (VoLTE) solution via the BT EE RAN.

IoT Phone Application Scenarios

The Internet of Things (IoT) is based on the Internet and other information carriers, allowing all ordinary objects capable of exercising independent functions to be interconnected.

Its application areas include transport and logistics, industrial manufacturing, health care, intelligent environments (home, office, factory), etc. It has a very broad market perspective.

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Industrial security

Protecting networks and devices from remote access.


Large-scale deployment

Large-scale deployment and management of IoT projects

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Service Industry

Always at the service of our customers


Logistics Industry

Warehouse management system for transmission networks



Increase uptime and optimize operations.



Suitable for all kinds of businesses



Build a safer and more secure smart grid


Port and wharf

Increase throughput and improve efficiency.

How does it work IoT phone

With more of us than ever now working from home, find out how a business phone system can benefit you and your employees when working remotely. 

Working from Home Makes more market

  • Stay Connected
  • Your office at home
  • Face-to-Face Communication
  • More than just a phone
Mobile offices

* Why IOT Phone?         

 Top Features

  • Directed traffic data, the terminal does not store any data, all in the server side.
  • Unique terminal are , other outside need to invade is no route to enter, simply exclusive voice communication tunnel.
  • Pure network traffic, no cell phone number, no voice and SMS function.
  • Use group network traffic pool billing. No SIM card monthly fee.
  • Internet access cost, lower than general cell phone rates.
  • More complicated and labor-intensive calculation of official and private use.
  • Not easy to manage the official machine, high monthly rent.
  • Need real name system, not easy to manage when personnel change.
  • No resonance with office extensions.
  • Pure network traffic, no cell phone number, no voice and SMS function.
  • Use group network traffic pool billing. No SIM card monthly fee.
  • Internet access cost, lower than general cell phone rates.

IP telephony extensive features

  • Unlimited Calling
  • Online Faxing
  • Auto Attendant
  • Call Queues
  • HD Voice Quality
  • Conference Lines
  • Voicemail-to-Email
  • Smartphone App
  • Real-Time Presence
  • Team Collaboration
  • Text Messaging (SMS)
  • CRM Integrations
cost 40%

Video & Voice Recording

work from anywhere

Meeting Record

     Capture video and voice of the meeting

  1. 1.Utilize an IP phone/PC as a video and voice recorder.
  2. Save MP3 compressed and AVIAVI formats.
  3. Automatic archiving, regular ZIP file transfer.
  4. There is a possibility to annotate each recording file.
  5. Recording files: 1 MB per minute.

Hope-iker End-to-End IoT Solutions value

Connect assets, applications and data securely in real time to

 revolutionize business operations in office and production areas.

internet connection

Internet connection

Extend the Hope-Iker networks you know and trust to harsh environments with Hope-Iker Industrial Networking and Automation Tools.

remote management

Connection Management

Meet your IT and operational needs with a unified, easy-to-use network management tool.

data control

Data Control and Exchange

Efficiently ingest data, transform it, and deliver it to your applications to streamline edge-to-multicloud data flows.

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Cyberspace security

Gain deep visibility and control over your entire network environment to keep IoT deployments and businesses secure.

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