Cloud PBX system IMS9000

IMS9000 mainly provides voice assistance services and value-added services for enterprises, industries, and governments. It has functions such as call control and processing, redundant routing, and dual hot backup. Integrating traditional services, seamlessly integrating analog voice links and IP voice links, reducing the cost of corporate voice communications. On this basis, value-added voice services such as voice mail/mailbox, teleconference, automatic switch, etc. are realized, which simplifies service deployment and truly realizes the benefits of communication.

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Product Details:

(1) The Hope-iker Softswitch system can access various communication networks, such as accessing the IMS/NGN core network through the SIP protocol or accessing the PSTN through the digital relay or analog relay of the backbone gateway. The Lvswitch soft switch system supports various forms of user access, such as PBX/IP PBX/IAD/IP phones.
(2) Lvswitch soft switch server supports dual system backup. When the main Softswitch server fails, the backup Softswitch server can immediately take over all voice services and switch seamlessly.
(3) The Lvswitch Softswitch system supports unified network management. The system administrator can view the status information of all devices, get alarms and data configuration.
(4) The Lvswitch service system can provide various value-added services, such as teleconferences, automatic attendant desks, single number communications, telephone recording, voice mail, billing, etc.


CPU : Model I7-2600, I7-2600, Quardcore ,LGA1155 main frequency 3.4G

RAM : Four blocks of memory, Model 2GB DDRIII, 2GB DDRIII-1333;

Hard Disk : 2 Sheet,500G,Seagate 3.5 inches,7200 RPM

I/O Interface : “3*LED Indicators, 1*RJ45 Console Port, 2*USB 2.0 Ports,

3*RJ45 GBE Ports, 2*SFP GBE Ports, 1*2×16 Character LCM”

Expansion slot : 2Expansion slot

Hardware Specifications : 2U,19’Standard cabinet

AC Input: Rated power input:100V a.c.~240V a.c.;50/60Hz

Rated Power Input : 200W

Operating Temperature : Operating temperature: 0℃~40℃, storage temperature: -20℃~70℃

Relative Humidity : 5%~95%

Altitude : No performance degradation within 3000m

Atmospheric Pressure : 86KPa~106KPa

Dust-proof :The concentration of particulate matter in the air is less than 180 mg/m3

Description : Software features

EMC& Safety Certificate :CE/FCC

Basic Business: Support intra-office calls, outgoing calls, PSTN calls, NGN calls, IMS calls

Voice Codec : Support G.711a/u, G.729a, G.723, G.726, GSM, H.263, H.264 voice codec

Voice Quality Assurance: Dynamic Jitter Buffer, voice detection, comfortable background sound

FAX : T.30,T.38

Private Network Traversal Method : ALG, STUN server

Video : SIP-based point-to-point video, H. 263/ H. 264

Basic Voice Service: Call waiting, call waiting, call forwarding, call pickup, call parking, caller ID, abbreviated dialing, DND, multi-party conference,

                                   call restriction, alarm service, DID, DNIS, digital map, self-report number, relay polling, smart Routing, automatic redial, long  

                                   call  restriction, hiddennumber, secretary service, number change, blacklist

Unified Communications: Voice mail, personalized voice mail, recording, Follow me, SMS gateway (CMPP, SGIP, network service, strong strength

                                             GSM), intelligent routing

Telephone Conference: On-site conference call, conference call reservation, chairman conference call, access to the conference call, SMS, meeting

                                          notification email, meeting record

Call Center: ACD、IVR、Queue record, support CTI integration through TSAPI and other protocols

Bill: Detailed call records, personal call analysis, department call analysis, call level analysis

Billing Docking:Third-party billing software docking (API mode, FTP mode)

Backup And Restore: Support local/remote data backup

Remote Management: SNMP V2/V3, TR069, SYSLOG,System online update, remote configuration parameter backup and recovery

Local Management: “Web interface management

VOIP Business Phone IMS9000″

The Main function:
Solution Configuration: IMS9000
  • Enterprise-grade
  • Applicable unit: 1thousand-one million users
  • Single machine Max SIP LICENSE: 20000
  • Single machine Max SIP trunks LICENSE: 2000
  • Number of concurrent calls: 2000concurrent
  • Single machine Maximum E1/T1 license: 4pieces
  • Expand FXS/FXO board: 32pieces
  • Maximum analog ports: 256 FXO/FXS
  • Network Interface: 2Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Chassis (metal material) 1 U

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