GSM terminal for IP PBX wireless solution

GSM terminal

Wireless to wired platform

Uses GSM/3G WCDMA/4G LTE networks

Additional information

Product Details:

Item: Wireless to wired platform
Power consumption: static ≤ 80MA1350MA,transmitting ≤ 600MA
Signal sensitivity:104DM Internal voltage:DC5C/1.0A
Ambient temperature: -10℃~+40°C
Operating humidity: 45%~90% (under non-condensing conditions)
Atmospheric pressure: 86~106PKA
Ambient noise: <60DB
Antenna gain: 2DB
AC power supply: 110V/220VAC±10% frequency 50Hz/60HZ
Power connector: National standard (European standard, British standard optional)
Weight: 230G/PCS
Colour: White
Connection: RJ1 telephone line interface
Antenna connection:SMA antenna
Connector antenna: 3M suction cup antenna

The Main function:

Product Introduction
This is our new design, which uses GSM/3G WCDMA/4G LTE networks to operate.
You can dial local calls, domestic and international calls with this Terminal connecting with a common IP PBX, PABX wired desktop phone, and a standard SIM card.
It is widely used in these areas:
Remote country, mountains,
Dwelling house with weak signals,
Public telephone shops, offices, telemarketing,
Removable places such as ships, trains, and long-distance buses.
Our wireless terminal also has these characteristics as below:
Easy to install, easy to operate, powerful capacity of signals receiving,
Clear talking setting, long using life, steady performance.

Key Technical Specifications

Following are the key technical specifications of this terminal:

1.Networks support:

LTE FDD: B1/B2/B3/B4/B5/B7/B8/B28


WCDMA: B1/B2/B5/B8

GSM: B2/B3/B5/B8

2.Voltage: DC 5V/DC 12V

3.Receive sensitivity: -104db

4.Standby hours: 48 Hours

5.Talking time: 2-6 Hours

6.Charging time: 6 hours

7.Power consumption: Static≤25MA emission≤300MA

8.Peak power consumption: 0.25W/0.5W

9.Antenna amplifying: All directions: 3.0db; Certain/Selection: 12db

Key functions

The key functions of the terminal are list as below:

1 .Multi-function LED/ LCD lights display signal, running state.

2.Can dial the local calls, mobile calls, international calls and special free calls.

3.Built-in watchdog duty circuit, machine any fault will restart.

4.Provide standard communication voltage, support DTMF system

5.Caller ID display time and date, the power supply of battery can

display at the same time on the LCD.

6.Automatic card-locking and net-locking enable

7.Supports modem mode

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