Rack mounted Aluminum Industrial Switch


L3 core Industrial grade ethernet switch

8 port gigabit + 4 port SPF++

8 port PoE output, IP40

protection supports IPv6,

static routing , VRRP, 1588v2


Additional information

Product Details:

8 Port gigabit +4 Port 10G SFP

ZX48GST4-M-SFP switch is a high-performance 8 Port gigabit + 10G SFP+ L3 core switch. It provides Static routing and dynamic routing with advanced hardware processing capacity. The machine adopts a modular design, which supports up to 4 Port 10G SFP+, and retains the expansion ability to further support 10GE when realizing gigabit convergence or access. It supports IPv4/IPv6 hardware double stack and line speed forwarding so that customers can easily cope with the coming IPv6 era, which provides high capacity exchange capacity. ZX48GST4-M-SFP switch has an operating temperature of -40℃ ~ 85℃, has the super firmness to adapt to all kinds of harsh environments, and can also be very convenient to install in the machine room cabinet. The rack-mounted characteristics and wide temperature operation make the switch a plug-and-play industrial-grade device, providing a reliable and convenient solution for users to network their Ethernet devices.


Industrial Switch Specifications:

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The Main function:

● Data control: Supports 802.3x full-duplex flow control and network storm suppression

● Redundant network: supports STP, RSTP, MSTP and ERPS

● Redundancy backup: supports the virtual route redundancy protocol VRRP

● Multicast management: Support IGMP Snooping V1, V2, and V3

●VLAN: supports IEEE 802.1Q vlans to effectively isolate broadcast domains

Link aggregation: Support static/dynamic link aggregation, provide perfect bandwidth utilization

●QOS: Support COSDSCP, 4 queues, support WRRSP scheduling mode

● Security management: Security management: supports ACL and 802.1x

● Management: Supports WEB, CLI, and SNMP management

Monitoring and maintenance: Support port mirroring, interface status monitoring, log management

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