How to bind FXO ports for switchboard PBX extensions

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The quick setup module guides you to configure the product in the form of a wizard. According to the steps provided, you set up the extension number, analog relay, or SIP relay, and exhalation routing in the setup wizard, enabling basic internal calls and external calls. The SIP relay needs to input specific information to the end-to-end gateway or ISP, such as IP address, port number, SIP account, and SIP password.

Step 1. Configure FXO trunk switchboard PBX

Add analog trunk on VoiceSet-Trunks Config-trunk Config page.

Select the FXO channels which you are using.

As shown below:

setup FXO trunk

Step 2. Remove all the inbound call settings.

Delete all the incoming routes on the VoiceSet-Trunks Config-Inbound Call page.

The incoming route means all the incoming calls are processed to the setting of all channels.

If you just set FXO binding extension. Delete all the incoming routes.

setup FXO trunk

Step 3. Binding FXO port with switchboard PBX extension

VoiceSet-User Config-User

Select an extension.

At Bind the FXO channel field. Select the channel which you want to bind with this extension.

After binding. This extension will use the channel to make calls.

step FXO trunk 3

Step4. Configure outbound route for switchboard PBX

Linear Routing function means to dial out without prefixes.

Local outbound route:

step fxo trunk

setup fxo trunk4

National outbound route:

setup fxo trunk5
setup fxo trunk6

International outbound route:

setup fxo trunk7
setup fxo trunk8

Three outbound routes of the analog trunk:

setup fxo trunk 9

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