HopeIker Strengthens its VoIP PBX business in various countries with international distributors

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Our VoIP Business Partners

In 2022, as HOPEIKER’s market sales continue to grow, we have our own agents and distributors in many countries such as Samoa, Nepal, Nigeria, Bangladesh, etc. We are partners who work together and gain benefits at the same time.

Our VoIP distributor in the Pacific Islands

LTS is a company with over 30 years of experience in the PBX sector. As a local, privately owned company, LTS has developed a valuable partnership with us to provide the highest quality VoIP solutions to the local market. Over the years, LTS has proven to be a dominant player in the local telecommunications and IT industry.

VoIP distributor

Our PBX Dealers in Nepal

Mr. Santosh is a Nepalese company dealing in security products. They have been installing PABX systems, IP PBX systems, access control systems, etc. for local customers for the past 10 years. Santosh’s team constantly strives to provide the best customer service and technical support in the industry.

“I have worked with Lily on multi-million dollar time-critical and sensitive projects which have been produced in China.

Hopeiker is an expert at IP PBX Manufacture, and just as importantly they will monitor production, perform Quality Checks and ensure that goods are to specification and despatched on time.

I can personally recommend them for any procurement requirements that you have in China.

IP Phone Agents of Nigeria

Nation Limited is an enterprise-wide information and communication technology solutions company that seeks to provide Plain Old Telephone Service, POTS, ISDN, and VoIP Phone service. Nationwide Telecom consists of a management team and staff with extensive experience in the telecommunications and IT industries. With a collective experience of over 30 years, they have expertise in the design and deployment of IP, voice, and data networks and solutions; LAN, MAN, and WAN over different mediums such as fixed wireless, Ethernet, fiber, and VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal). We are proud to work with Nation and through them to provide our customers with unparalleled telecoms and IT solutions with trusted and reliable customer service. ​

We welcome inquiries from communications industry professionals from all over the world to discuss further cooperation opportunities


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