How to register the SIP trunk of VoIP PBX

how sip trunk working

SIP trunk Interface Type:

①NNI–Point-to-Point mode

The extension numbers of the two PBX cannot be repeated, and each manages its own extension number. Two PBX need to create a sip trunk, and the sip trunk fills in the IP address and port number of the other PBX.

sip trunk of voip pbx

②UNI–Register mode

Our PBX is used as a gateway. Register another PBX sip number or register an IMS number.

DID Number select DID Number 1 or DID Number 2. You can check on DID setting.

SIP trunk configuration as shown below:

sip trunk 2

SIP/IMS account register as shown below:

SIP trunk of VoIP PBX

2.SIP trunk Inbound setting(For UNI mode)

DID number call is detected and proceed to the next action.

DID number is the register number of the last step.

sip trunk4

3. SIP trunk Outbound

Linear Routing function means to dial out without prefixes.
Local outbound route:

sip trunk5
sip trunk6

National outbound route:

setup fxo trunk5
setup fxo trunk6

International outbound route:

setup fxo trunk7
setup fxo trunk8

Three outbound routes of the sip trunk:

sip trunk last

4. DID number setting

SIP trunk Use DID number 1/2 to make outgoing calls.

DID number is the account that you register.

  • Just SIP trunk-UNI mode need to set DID number.
  •  If you do not fill in DID number. When you call out, you will use the random registered number as the calling number to call out.
sip trunk 7


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