Hybrid IP PBX system

Hybrid IP PBX

New generation hybrid IP PBX system. Its embedded system architecture based on Linux operating system breaks through the application mode of a traditional telephone switch and provides a graphical configuration interface for easy installation and maintenance; VoIP voice communication function based on standard SIP protocol can realize extension roaming and network communication, which is convenient for employee’s business trip, home office and multi-point network application; supporting digital trunking and multi-device cascade, which is very suitable for supporting Digital trunking and multi-device cascading, very suitable for medium-sized enterprises and large-capacity branch applications.

Hybrid IP PBX system Feature

The Hybrid IP PBX is a set of devices that can provide a Softswitch, trunk gateway, signaling gateway, media resource server, subscriber connection, etc. The Hybrid IP PBX device provides gateway functions through a plug-in board.

Hybrid IP PBX function

Its service function is mainly to provide users with voice, video and conference services in the LAN through VOIP gateways such as IP phones and IADs, but it can also directly access analog users by plugging in user boards.

Hybrid PBX system Configure visualization

With a visual configuration management tool, the interface function is intuitive and easy to understand, very easy to operate and manage; the configuration tool adopts a B-S structure, and the user can simply configure the system through a Web browser, no need to install other software on the PC, maintenance, and management are more convenient.

Hybrid PBX’s Multiple guarantees

environments. In the environment with network access, it can realize remote access and VoIP for users, and in the environment without network access, the analog voice exchange of the system is not affected in any way; even in the case of power failure, it can still realize the straight-through of outside lines and extensions to guarantee that the voice system of users will not lose contact under any circumstances.

Rich interface and expandability

Our 3A integrates telephone switch and IP PBX, providing rich communication interfaces. The system supports a built-in FXS interface, FXO interface, E1 interface, and SIP trunk, and can be docked to various application systems through the extended modular interface. At the same time, the equipment supports cascading, through the support of 3A can realize multiple cascading, capacity expansion of more analog interfaces.

High stability and reliability

The system is designed with an embedded structure, and on the basis of meeting various application functions, more consideration is given to the redundancy of the system, and all system modules have undergone various strict tests to ensure that the whole platform has high stability; at the same time, the system architecture based on Linux operating system has higher security and virus immunity.

Hardware Specifications

  • User interface: FXS
  • Trunk interface: FXO, E1, IP Trunk
  • Network interface: 1 WAN/LAN port (optional), 1 LAN port, 1 cascade port
  • User interface: FXS
  • Trunk interface: FXO, E1, IP Trunk
  • Network interface: 1 WAN/LAN port (optional), 1 LAN port, 1 cascade port

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