Analog FXS Gateway Installation Guide

Hopeiker IAD100 series gateway product IAD100 4/8/16/32S is a high-performance, multi-purpose voice access gateway. The products support data, voice, security, VPN, and other functions to meet operators or virtual operators. The enterprise provides broadband, voice, and fax services to users through IP access.This product uses the standard SIP protocol, complies with the TISPAN/IMS standard, and […]

PBX Telephony System Specifications

Financial stock IP PBX Solution

IP PBX 8000 Product Description IPPBX8000 is a converged communications server for medium and large enterprises, providing an integrated voice, data, and security solution. solution. The product integrates a hybrid analog/digital/IP PBX, router, L3 switch, firewall, VPN, local web-based management interface, and SNMP/TR069-based remote access. The product integrates a hybrid analog/digital/IP PBX, router, L3 switch, […]

How to set up SIP extensions in IP PBXs


How to set up SIP extensions in IP PBXs Setting up SIP extensions in an IP PBX involves several steps, and the exact process may vary depending on the specific PBX system you are using. However, here are some general steps to follow: According to the steps provided, you set up the extension number, analog […]

Hybrid IP PBX system

Hybrid IP PBX

New generation hybrid IP PBX system. Its embedded system architecture based on Linux operating system breaks through the application mode of a traditional telephone switch and provides a graphical configuration interface for easy installation and maintenance; VoIP voice communication function based on standard SIP protocol can realize extension roaming and network communication, which is convenient […]

How to register the SIP trunk of VoIP PBX

how sip trunk working

SIP trunk Interface Type: ①NNI–Point-to-Point mode The extension numbers of the two PBX cannot be repeated, and each manages its own extension number. Two PBX need to create a sip trunk, and the sip trunk fills in the IP address and port number of the other PBX. ②UNI–Register mode Our PBX is used as a […]

How to use headsets and expansion boards with IP Phones

IP Phone with DDS

IP Phones can be used with a variety of accessories, the main accessories are as follows: Headset and Expansion boards. IP Phone Headset use IP Phone can use a headset, you need to connect the headset before use and use the function keys on the phone panel (Headset)to activate headset mode, For The installation of […]

Contact management of IP Phone

three way call

Contact management of the IP phone mainly includes: Local contacts Blacklist LDAP Set up local contacts for IP phones Local contacts can save the contact’s name, internal extension number, mobile phone number, and other information. IP phone supports saving 1000 local contacts and 10 contact groups (including default groups). It supports operations such as adding […]

IP Phone Voice setting


There are several sound settings in IP Phone, including the following points: Volume setting Ringtone setting Button voice setting Signal tones setting Volume setting The IP phone can set the ring volume and the volume during the call. The volume The setting range is 1-15, and the volume becomes larger as the value increases. – […]

Language and date setting for VoIP Phones


IP Phone T780 basic settings include the following points: Language Time and date Call out button Step 1. IP Phone Language IP Phone supports multiple languages, the default language of phone initialization is English, and the IP phone interface and web interface are integrated: after the phone changes language, the web page will be refreshed […]