IP Phone Voice setting


There are several sound settings in IP Phone, including the following points:

  • Volume setting
  • Ringtone setting
  • Button voice setting
  • Signal tones setting

Volume setting

The IP phone can set the ring volume and the volume during the call. The volume

The setting range is 1-15, and the volume becomes larger as the value increases.

– Set the ring volume of incoming calls in standby/ringing state

1. Press vol to adjust the ring volume, as the diagram:


– Set the volume of the handset, speaker headset, and other devices when a call comes in

1. Press vol adjust call volume, as the diagram shows:


Ringtone setting

You can set different ringtones for your phone to distinguish incoming calls. In addition to unified ringtones, contacts can also set different ringtones to distinguish incoming calls from different contacts. The system provides a total of 10 default ringtones to choose from.

– Set the ringtone for incoming calls on the phone interface

  1. Press Menu->settings->basic settings->sounds->ring tone
  2. Press updown to select the ringtone.
  3. Press the Save soft key to save the selected ringtone.

– Set the contact ringtone in the web browser

  1. Log in phone web interface via IP address.
  2. Directories(B)->Address list(x).
  3. Add a contact or click the contact in the list to edit.
  4. Click the ringtone selection box to select the ringtone of the contact.

5. If you want to add a contact, click the add button, if you want to modify a contact. click the edit button.

Key tone

The phone will emit a key tone when pressing the keyboard key to indicate that the key has been triggered. The key tone can be enabled and disabled by setting.

– Set the phone key tone through the phone interface

1. Press Menu->settings->basic settings->sounds->Key tone.

2. Press the switch soft key right and lift to enable and disable the key tone.

3. Press the Save soft key to save.

Signal tone

The audible signal sent by the switch to the user indicates that the phone is in a certain state. The signal tones follow a unified standard in each device. You can customize the signal tones according to national standards, or you can customize the signal tones. The lower the value, the lower the signal tone.

Set signal tone via a web browser

1. Log in to the phone page by IP address.

2. Press Settings(E)->tones(q).

3. Please select the country according to the national standard. If you want to customize the signal tone, select the custom in the country option.

4. To select custom, you need to fill in the value yourself to change the signal.

5. Click the save button to save settings.

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