Top 6 IP PBX system Customize the solution

Top 6 IP PBX system Customize the solution

Intelligent IP PBX systems have been widely implemented on an enterprise scale. As times progress and costs continue to decrease, customized solutions for digital IP PBX system scenarios are becoming popular. Both enterprises and businesses will face the development of Internet-enabled and digitalization in the next decade. IP PBX technology is becoming a must-have system for businesses.

Introducing IP PBX phone system

Enterprise communication solution (IP PBX service), with IP-PBX equipment as the core, realizes the perfect integration of traditional analog technology and IP technology, providing multi-service switching functions such as data, language, and video. In addition to the traditional PBX services, the system can also provide IP-based distributed networking, mobile office, language, and video calls, unified communications, unified messaging and other services to improve the efficiency of enterprise communication, reduce communication costs and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.


PBX services: call restriction, call transfer, call hold, same group answering, designated answering, secretary desk, alarm clock, call residency, call pickup, broadcast, user roaming.

Standard and open interface protocols: support SIP MGCP head-end access, support POTS terminal access, support standard maintenance protocols (TELNET, HTTP)

IP PBX system application

Our company provides the following 6 commonly used IP PBX customize solution to solve the unified communications of energy & power, large enterprises, government & public services, transportation, banks, SMEs, etc.

1.SMB IP PBX System Solution

User needs

Hope-Iker Technology IP PBX800 and IP PBX3000 can provide integrated voice network solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises;

An Introduction

Uplink is interconnected with the operator’s telephone network through IP/E1 relay mode;

Downlink analog phones, IADs, IP phones, video phones, softphones, and other terminal equipment;

Supports access to value-added service systems such as billing, recording, attendant console, and network management.ENSE:100

Solution Configuration: IP PBX800, IP PBX3000

  • Commercial gradeo
  • Applicable unit:12-300usersu
  • Single machine Max SIP trunks LICENSE: 100
  • Number of concurrent calls: Fullconcurrency
  • Maximum analog ports: 4FXO+12FXS
  • Network Interface: 4Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Chassis (metal material) 1U
Model Number: IP PBX800

Main feature

Smart Enterprise Switchboard

  • Provide telephone number query, call forwarding, business consultation and other services to incoming customers;
  • Welcome message and corporate introduction can be played for external users when they call the switchboard

Free dialing between extensions

  • IP PBX internal self-switching, free dialing between all extensions.
  • Support reservation and instant meeting, system call and user dial-in conference call

Basic voice function

  • Enterprise switchboard, voice navigation, color ring back tone, caller ID, call transfer, transfer, fax, queue, pickup, hotline, group call, simultaneous ringing, secretary, alarm clock, black and white list, call authority, three-way calling, conference call, password dialing Wait.

Value-added business functions

  • Telephone recording, billing, network management, attendant console, simple call center.
Applicable scene

Micro-enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises, etc.

2.Government, Enterprise, Financial Co-working IP PBX system Solution

Program description

The MOA Smart Enterprise Collaborative Work Platform is a multi-terminal product for communication and collaboration created by HOPE-IKER for government and enterprise. It integrates instant messaging, voice calls, conference calls, attendance check-in, and approval applications. Users can use various integrated communication and information office OA functions provided by the platform on mobile phones and computer clients.

Government institutions and enterprises are facing the risk of leaking government secrets and corporate information on the network while improving work efficiency through informatization deployment. Therefore, the network security of this information is very important. MOA Smart Enterprise Collaborative Work Platform supports privatized deployment, deploying business servers, voice/conference servers and message servers locally. Data is encrypted during network transmission to ensure data security; it can be outbound through the telephone line provided by the operator, and Telephone network connection. The client also supports simultaneous connection to the IP PBX system, and office calls can be made using the mobile APP.

 Solution Configuration: IP PBX-3000,IAD100-32FXS

  • Enterprise-grade
  • Applicable unit:32-300users
  • Single machine Max SIP LICENSE: 300
  • Single machine Max SIP trunk LICENSE: 200
  • Number of concurrent calls: Fullconcurrency
  • Single machine Maximum E1/T1 license: 4pieces
  • Expand FXS/FXO board 32pieces
  • Maximum analog ports: 128 FXO/FXS
  • Network Interface: 3Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Chassis (metal material) 1.5U
Model Number: IP PBX3000

The advantages

Multi-dimensional integration of the address book, providing multiple address book methods such as messages, voice, video, and teleconference, to meet the communication needs in various scenarios;

The OA module supports business customization according to the different situations of enterprises and institutions, and can provide definition development services; Private deployment, all data is stored locally to protect corporate privacy; With Our IP PBX products in the enterprise, it can connect the client and the desktop phone, and truly carry the extension with you.

Applicable scene

Government institutions and enterprises that have requirements for integrated communications and smart office, and have requirements for data security.

3.Secure Access IP PBX System Solution for Financial Industry

Program description

The financial industry is unique, and its informatization closely revolves around the construction of factors such as security and reliability. Under normal circumstances, financial institutions use the main link optical fiber dedicated line to access and use the HOPE-IKER IP PBX8000 government-enterprise gateway to realize the integration of video surveillance, voice communication, financial service data, and other services. The solution provides a reliable and safe redundant backup design. When the main link fails, it can be quickly switched to the 3G/4G backup line to complete the restoration of key services. When the main link is restored, it will automatically switch back. Ensure that financial services and data are not affected by the link and cause losses.

Solution Configuration: IP PBX8000

  • Enterprise-grade
  • Applicable unit:128-1300users
  • Single machine Max SIP LICENSE: 1300
  • Single machine Max SIP trunks LICENSE: 500
  • Number of concurrent calls: Fullconcurrency
  • Single machine Maximum E1/T1 license: 8pieces
  • Expand FXS/FXO board 32pieces
  • Maximum analog ports: 384 FXO/FXS
  • Network Interface: 3Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Chassis (metal material) 4.5U
Model Number: IP PBX8000

The advantages

Video surveillance, voice communication, financial service data, and other services are integrated, and cost-effective; redundant 3G/4G encrypted wireless link design is used to provide dedicated line-level data protection. On the premise of not affecting the quality of service, it is more economical than the wired dedicated line backup solution; it supports security services such as firewall, anti-DDoS attack, anti-ARP attack, and VLAN isolation; wireless data needs to be audited by the telecom AAA authentication server to ensure that the link data is safe Worry; Zero configuration of terminal equipment realizes topology automatic discovery, supports end-to-end configuration and management of the business, provides visual network management for operation and maintenance personnel, improves network installation and maintenance efficiency, and shortens the dedicated line opening cycle.

Applicable scene 

Government-enterprise dedicated line access, financial industry, government units.

4. Hotel Cloud Platform IP PBX System Solution

Program description

The hotel communication solution of Hopeiker Technology can provide customers with integrated access to IP voice and broadband. By establishing an internal voice and data communication network, it can realize the integration of high-efficiency voice transmission, IP voice communication, IPTV, WiFi, and other services. Efficient communication network. On this basis, establish a voice communication network and multimedia hotel communication system based on mature and effective technologies, while taking into account the requirements of future communication development.

In response to the communication, business characteristics, and various challenges faced by hotels of different sizes, Hope-iker Technology launched the “hotel cloud platform + PON” solution. The cloud platform provides a complete set of IP voice communication system solutions, and the hotel side is connected through ONU/IAD. The cloud platform provides telephone access functions. At the same time, the platform provides hotel services such as PMSI, attendant console, and billing, to meet the core voice and office business needs of different hotels.

The hotel can also deploy IP PBX6000 equipment to realize independent VoIP networking. IP PBX6000 supports traditional analog relays and digital relays. IP relays can meet the docking requirements of different communication devices, and also support PMSI, attendant consoles, billing, and other hotels businesses.

Solution Configuration: IP PBX6000
  • Enterprise-grade
  • Applicable unit:128-600users
  • Single machine Max SIP LICENSE: 600
  • Single machine Max SIP trunk LICENSE: 300
  • Number of concurrent calls: Fullconcurrency
  • Single machine Maximum E1/T1 license: 4pieces
  • Expand FXS/FXO board: 32pieces
  • Maximum analog ports: 256 FXO/FXS
  • Network Interface: 3Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Chassis (metal material) 4.5U
Model Number: IP PBX6000

The advantages

In the “Hotel Cloud Platform + PON” solution, the cloud platform provides a complete set of IP voice communication system solutions to meet the core voice and office business needs of different hotels, improve work efficiency, and provide guests with comprehensive voice services to increase satisfaction. It can not only ensure a high degree of business integration, but also reduce construction costs with the most economical terminal access, and support smooth expansion in the future while providing convenient remote operation and maintenance services to reduce daily maintenance costs.

The hotel console can realize the functions of queuing calls, consulting, booking rooms, and hotline services. Administrative office telephones and guest room telephones are deployed uniformly to provide customers with stable and convenient communication services.

Hope-Iker Technology Smart Gateway creates multimedia hotel room services, which can provide integrated access to voice, broadband, and TV, reducing engineering wiring and effectively reducing investment costs.

Applicable scene

Operator hotel cloud platform, guesthouse, business hotel, star hotel.

5. IP PBX system solutions for headquarters and branch offices

Program Description

IP PBX is an IP-based corporate phone system. This system can completely integrate voice communication into the company’s data network, thereby establishing a unified voice and data network that can connect offices and employees distributed around the world.

To keep all communications open, IT administrators are now deploying IP-based corporate phone systems-the IP PBX systems.

The advantages

The most important feature of IP PBX systems is that it becomes an integrated communication system. Through telecommunication networks and the Internet, it can provide users with multiple communication methods with only one device.

The IP-PBX uses the TCP / IP protocol and implements voice functionality over Ethernet using the principles of packet switching. From there, it directs calls to a VoIP service provider to manage the initiation and termination of each call. Every heavyweight computer and communications manufacturer can expand into the IP PBX space.

Since the IP PBX is built on the open standard IP, all products follow the same standards and are highly interoperable. Another very attractive advantage of using an IP PBX is the VoIP functionality, which provides features that allow you to work with both standard PSTN and VoIP phone systems.

Model number: IP PBX3000

Model Number IP PBX8000

Product Features

● Independent deployment can be used as an IP PBX system;

●Provide DDNS service for external devices to visit the corporate office;

●Allows intercommunication with enterprise branches through PPTP, L2TP, and Open VPN;

●Flexible call strategy: connect to SIM/PSTN, UC100 can be changed;

●Remote call to local call, thus reducing the call cost.

Applicable scene

Park branches, headquarters, and branches.

6. National communication deployment(IP Private network )

Program Description

IMS9000 is an operation-grade system, single machine is suitable for high stability voice platform with 1,000~20,000 doors; with main backup dual machine hot standby, data configuration synchronization to guarantee operation-grade reliability service; single machine call concurrency up to 2000 roads or more (specific concurrency defined according to hardware configuration); support server cluster to expand users, can expand more than one million doors; uplink trunk access: support IMS IMS/NGN, PSTN through TG trunk gateway; downlink user access: IAD gateway, SIP phones, soft terminals,VoIP phone, etc.; local support for Web-based graphical management interface to simplify local management; rich functions: teleconference, call recording, billing interface, IVR voice navigation, help desk client, etc.; built-in powerful firewall mechanism to effectively prevent Internet The system supports Web-based graphical management interface locally to simplify local management; rich functions: teleconferencing, call recording, billing interface, IVR voice navigation, help desk client, etc.; built-in powerful firewall mechanism to effectively prevent Internet attacks; remote unified management of distributed devices through standard network management protocols such as TR-069 etc.; 7×24-hour reliable operation with MTBF greater than 80,000 hours.

Solution Configuration: IMS9000
  • Enterprise-grade
  • Applicable unit: 1thousand-one million users
  • Single machine Max SIP LICENSE: 20000
  • Single machine Max SIP trunks LICENSE: 2000
  • Number of concurrent calls: 2000concurrent
  • Single machine Maximum E1/T1 license: 4pieces
  • Expand FXS/FXO board: 32pieces
  • Maximum analog ports: 256 FXO/FXS
  • Network Interface: 2Gigabit Ethernet ports
  • Chassis (metal material) 1 U

IP PBX software Series

OMC is Hope-Iker remote centralized network management software, which enables centralized remote management of IMS access devices, real-time monitoring of device operation status, and accurate control of network status. The system provides alarm management, user management, device management, performance management, and log management modules.


This software is suitable for the above 6 kinds of IP PBX solutions, different solutions can be equipped with: network management system, billing system, call center system, help desk system, recording system.

What are the common problems with IP PBX in practice?

IP network connection problem: can’t log in to WEB management interface

Solution: 1. Connect the phone to the FXS port, and dial the correct network parameters of the device.

2. Check the LAN where the device is located

3. Check the connection between the LAN and the device

IP outbound registration problem

Problem: When using IP outbound call, I can hear the dial tone, but the call can never be dialed

Solution: Check the network configuration and lineup, and analyze the call SIP signaling.

Contact the IP phone service provider to confirm whether the SIP outbound registration server address is correct, and test whether the network between the device and the platform is normal.

To sum up, you may feel dizzy after seeing all these contents, but our IP PBX systems product is forward-looking and can be developed very widely, it is the way forward for business


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