How to connect IP Phone

internet connection

Setup 1. IP Phone installation

VoIP phone SIP-T790,SIP-T800,SIP-T780,
Office VoIP phone
Business Phone
Office VoIP phone
Business VoIP
IP Phone
IP Phone for business
Method 1: Desktop installation
Wall-mounted 2: Wall-mounted

When wall-mounted installation, it needs to reverse the handle hook to prevent the handle from falling off the phone.

wall mounted
Wall mounted

Setup 2:Connect handle,headset(optional)

A socket is a headset socket, and B socket is a handle socket.

deskphone connect

Setup 3. Connect power and network cable

The phone supports two power supply methods:

  • DC power

Use the power adapter in the package to connect the power socket to the DC5V socket of the phone; use the Ethernet cable in the package or use a standard network cable to connect the upper switch/router to the Internet port on the back of the phone.

phone power
  • POE

Use an Ethernet cable to connect a switch or hub that supports the PoE power supply to the Internet port on the back of the T780P IP phone.


If you use the POE power supply, please confirm whether your IP phone and switch support the POE power supply, and you do not need to connect the adapter for the power supply.


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